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Play-Asia.com - Japanese Video Games, Accessories and News
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Ce site existe toujours depuis ces années la, damn, un des rares sites qui a des HCG avec direct dll et des oldies à part ca. Toujours apprécié ce site (malgré le fait que je ne me souvenais plus de l'adresse du site :D ) Continue le bon travail


the website is amazing


Those all that come to this site are bosom buddies.
  • Posté le 19/07/2008 à 09:43 par aoba


Excellent site,it has a nicest design a hentai site could provide and a very nice CG collection with a lot of quality sets(for me to steal : p ). Only remark would be for the page navigator. My suggestion would be that it would be a bit more convenient if it was on top of the navigator,as well as on the bottom of it. It would be easier to navigate if you wanted to browse the pages at the end,
  • Posté le 07/06/2008 à 15:03 par Viper


good site!
  • Posté le 04/04/2008 à 21:38 par sauriu
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11/02/2024 [21:19]

De Waynedride

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03/01/2024 [14:17]

De Michaeltwire

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02/11/2023 [21:22]

De Guts

Maybe one day I'll rewrite GutsFun.com with newer technologies like React or Angular.

02/11/2023 [21:21]

De Guts

Fix birthdate format error and some minor bug in mail sending. I took the opportunity to migrate the code to .NET 4.8 and MVC 5. Not really new technology but latest for this site format.

22/09/2022 [10:11]

De Guts

That it. I will fix these.

22/09/2022 [10:10]

De Guts

If you encounter a problem when creating an account, check the birthday, there is a localization problem with the date picker. So just put a day between 1 and12.

12/11/2021 [13:42]

De Guts

If you enconter a problem, tell me.

12/11/2021 [13:41]

De Guts

I will fix it soon

12/11/2021 [13:40]

De Guts

There is a bug on the create account page with the birth date. Just enter a date in english format : mm/dd/yyyy

12/11/2021 [13:38]

De Guts

Did some update: reset password work again. But lost some tag message on the tagboard, sorry :(