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22/09/2022 [10:11]

De Guts

That it. I will fix these.

22/09/2022 [10:10]

De gutsfun_gsx91pir

If you encounter a problem when creating an account, check the birthday, there is a localization problem with the date picker. So just put a day between 1 and12.

12/11/2021 [13:42]

De Guts

If you enconter a problem, tell me.

12/11/2021 [13:41]

De Guts

I will fix it soon

12/11/2021 [13:40]

De Guts

There is a bug on the create account page with the birth date. Just enter a date in english format : mm/dd/yyyy

12/11/2021 [13:38]

De Guts

Did some update: reset password work again. But lost some tag message on the tagboard, sorry :(